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Secure Authenticator App for iPhone and Android

Sync & Backup

All data is automatically backed up and synced across all devices via iCloud and Google Drive

Secure & Private

All data is encrypted even if is stored in iCloud or Google Drive, so you never have to worry about nasty hackers.

Biometric Lock

Unlock Secure Authenticator App without typing your passphrase using Touch or Face ID.


Secure Your TikTok Account
Secure Your Dropbox Account


Wouldn't you want to secure your digital life? Don't allow the efforts you've put in to be taken away in an instant. Take a look at the secure authentication guides we've prepared just for you right away.

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Secure Your Binance Account
Secure Your Instagram Account

Secure Authenticator

Don't get hacked again! Secure your Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Steam, Roblox and more. Download for free, use 2FA instantly!

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